Marat Antonyan is a managing partner at Gambit Legal APC.

Marat Antonyan is a tenacious litigator who diligently works to help property owners regain control of their real property. Through litigation and transactional work, Marat provides legal assistance to residential and commercial property owners and managers in the most pro-tenant jurisdiction in the United States.

Throughout his career, Marat has successfully recovered possession of hundreds of residential units. Using his extensive knowledge of real property law, including the restrictions and allowances that effect owners in eviction-controlled jurisdictions, Marat has skillfully represented landlords in many jury trials. A strategic negotiator, he has also successfully negotiated long-term commercial leases and buyout agreements.

Marat provides excellent legal representation coupled with excellent customer service. To help his clients achieve their goals, he carefully evaluates each case and clearly communicates all aspects of the case to his clients.